Part & Parcel of the South African Automotive Industry

28 May 2018

The international automotive industry; concentrated in Germany, Japan and the United States relies on an extensive global infrastructure to move massive amounts of parts around on rail, sea and road. In order to optimise the logistics chain within this industry, an international small load carrier system standard was created, governed by the German Quality Management Standard VDA.

The VDA Standard serves to accredit suppliers within the Industry and considers the Suppliers’ Management, Products and Processes which need to prove at least 90% compliance with the standard in order to achieve a formal quality accreditation.

Requiring parts containers that are at once durable, light-weight, reusable and cost efficient has meant that, more than just providing an international quality standard, the VDA-KLT also serves as a sentinel, protecting the parts industry.

MPCSA manufactures the RL-KLT range of stacking containers suitable to the South African Automotive and industrial markets which complies with the VDA-KLT standard.

The MPCSA RT-KLT containers form part of an integrated RTP (Returnable Transit Packaging) system which takes advantage of traditional transport inefficiencies by minimising the instances of empty containers on Transporter return trips through cross-manufacture standardisation. In addition, supplier storage constraints are alleviated through the efficient flow of containers, improving both availability and access.




The containers’ design considers not only compatibility with RL-KLTspecifications, but also compatibility with other containers already in the market. Ergonomically conceived to facilitate easy and effectual manual and machine handlingMPCSA’s RT-KLT containers promotes the humanisation of work with smooth based containers that have integrated handles on the short side and support handles on the long sides.


 MPCSA’s fresh and modern approach to plastic packaging has made it the leading plastics manufacturer in Africa, choosing to rather move away from outdated single-trip disposable packaging to multi-trip reusable containersthat make up Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) systems.
 The dramatic reductions in packaging waste, improved product protection and superior logistical efficiency afforded by RTP ensures that MPCSA adds value up and down the supply value chain of the South African automotive parts industry, providing cost effective solutions to manufacturers and subsidiary service providers.
Credit: Thanks to Charl van Rensburg. 




















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