Department of Trade and Industry Designation of the Wheelie Bin

02 July 2018


Wheelie bins are refuse containers that have 2 wheels for ease of mobility. They occupy a crucial part of the Solid Waste Management function for the containment of waste at residential and commercial points.

In terms of the Waste Act and the National Policy on BRR (basic refuse removal), wheelie bins will play an even bigger role in Waste Management within Local Governments. Currently approximately 90% of all wheelie bins sold in South Africa were purchased by local government (Municipalities). In addition, the wheelie bin is 100% recyclable and has scrap value that will ensure that it never ends up on a landfill site. To date it is the most cost effective and efficient waste management system in the long term.

Within the context of transformation and green economy, the waste sector is a recognised area of interest to provide opportunities to create employment, increasing living standards, thereby providing an instrument for the upliftment of communities and their citizens.


Further to this, the Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act (PPPFA) was enacted in 2000, and its Regulations promulgated in 2001. Local Content Regulations came into effect on 7 December 2011 through the 2011 PPPFA. This empowers the DTI to designate specific industries/sectors for local procurement by organs of state. It is used in instances where government has carried out an in depth analysis of the sector and there is local production capacity and public procurement opportunities.


It thereby allows for:

  • Leveraging public expenditure
  • Developing and enhancing local manufacturing capacity and capabilities
  • Supporting industrial innovation and technological developments
  • Creating employment and sustaining jobs
  • Boosting local procurement and broader economic empowerment




So while it may be tempting to buy a cheaper, imported product, consider the impact on the economy as a whole before you do. The add to that the green issues of recyclability of a locally produced, lower carbon footprint, quality container that lasts long after an imported product may have to be landfilled, since only Mpact Plastic Containers has the capability to regrind and reuse HDPE wheelie bins, back into their process, thereby closing the loop.


Credit: Shoba Govender 




















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