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Best Packaging Material Suppliers in South Africa

Best Packaging Material Suppliers in South Africa

Whether you are planning a move, need storage materials or are planning to introduce a new product to the market and you need some packaging material, knowing where to start to find a good supplier in South Africa can be rather overwhelming. This is not only because there are many competitive businesses in the country, but because there is such a diverse range of packaging for you to choose from. If you’re wondering about how to get started, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered for the best packaging material suppliers in South Africa, with a leaning towards those that are environmentally conscious, offering good customer service, as well as competitive pricing. 

The Versatile Uses of Packaging Material

Packaging material can be tremendously versatile, coming in all shapes, sizes and designed from various different materials. The first question to ask yourself, if whether the packaging you’re looking for is environmentally friendly (can it be recycled?), as well as double checking to see if it is the most economical choice for what you’re looking to do. This is why it helps to speak to an expert first, outlining both as important factors when it comes to how you will be spending your money. Asking the right questions already puts you a step ahead of other customers, and also minimises the risk that you’ll end up with something more expensive or less efficient than you might have gotten otherwise. 

Box Shop and Packaging

Box Shop offers a range of products, from bicycle boxes, to aerothene rolls and eco boxes. Their wide range of products is why they made the list, considering they offer options for a variety of different customer needs. While they tend to focus on storage and moving materials, they are known for providing industrial solutions as well, and will likely offer you a better price if you’re buying in bulk. What we like most about Box Shop is that they offer a comprehensive solution, factoring in the tape and bubble wrap you might need as well, so you don’t have to worry about smaller niggles when it comes to getting the packaging you need. 

Mpact Plastics

Mpact is a company offering diverse plastic solutions, but are often underappreciated as a packaging material supplier. Their FMCG operation, which consists of two primary manufacturing sites, provides bottles, jars and closures to a range of industries across the country. Utilising state of the art technology, they use advancements like self-adhesive labeling and wad insertion in their plants in order to provide the most efficient solution for consumer and corporate use. Their packaging units operatie out of KZN and the Western Cape, although they provide delivery around the country. Starting with them, especially if you’re undertaking a new business venture and you need reliable, affordable packaging, is a good choice to kick of the new year. 

Pack Pro

Pack Pro is based in Cape Town, servicing and distributing packaging of all types to various industries. Ranging from corrugated boxes to adhesive tapes and elastic bands, their mantra is to track down exactly what you need for you. While their immediate focus is on expansion and to working with foreign businesses, they’ve only reached this stage as a result of their work with local customers. Send them a message on Facebook if you’d like to learn more about what they do; we tried and received a response almost instantly. Also keep an eye on some seasonal deals, which tend to pop up from time to time.