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The Best Places to Buy 500ml Plastic Bottles in South Africa


The Best Places to Buy 500ml Plastic Bottles in South Africa


If you’re looking for a place to buy 500ml plastic bottles in South Africa, you may have noticed that scouring the internet may now have given you the results you were looking for. The best manufacturers to go with in this field tend to be those that don’t make too much of a splash about this as one of their services, likely because they are providing plastic products across a diverse range of options in a variety of industries. We’re here to help however, so you don’t need to look any further if you’re wanting to collect a few quotes, as the suppliers below will be able to help you, and provide you with competitive pricing in the process too. 


The Wide Range of Uses For 500ml Plastic Bottles


500ml plastic water bottles are popular for their use in the water, soda, and cleaning industries, particularly for their practical size and as a result of important legislative considerations attached to the sale of these types of products. Regardless of what you need these for, something else to consider is that these products can be re-used for extra value, in particular if you are aware of the recycling rates of plastic as a whole. Consider a provider that already has this in mind before they manufacture products, as in 2020 it pays to be aware of the social responsibility we face for the future of the earth and the longevity of the planet as a whole. 


Tully’s Plastics


Tully’s Plastics was founded back in 1997 by Stan and Margaret Tullues. After four years of operation, they decided to sell the business to a father and son duo, and they haven’t looked back since. Starting from relatively humble beginnings and with a small client base, in 2004 they managed to acquire their own manufacturing plant in Johannesburg, amping up their production of products like 500ml and 1L water bottles. Today they service six different industries, and with a view towards giving their clients the best possible product solutions, it’s a good idea to check in with them if you’re looking for plastic bottles or other similar products.




Bonpak turns 30 this year, and they are still going strong providing plastic products to the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, mineral water, wine and other industries. Their plastic mineral bottle comes in boxes of 130, and is decently priced, hence why they caught our eye today. They also have relatively flexible terms for the quantity of orders, so talking to them about your needs, especially with a view towards a re-order, could help get you a decent price. A “one stop shop” for plastic products in Modderfontein, Bonpak has a great delivery system in place, which adds to the overall value of the experience of working with them.




Mpact is the largest paper and plastics packaging (and recycling) business in Africa, with customers in a range of industries, from fruit producers, to FMCG suppliers, as well as other industrial packaging companies. With 40 operating sites across South Africa, there is a large likelihood that you have one in the vicinity to you, meaning that your order will be able to be fulfilled relatively quickly compared to other suppliers. Their plastic products are all of a very high quality, and their 500ml plastic bottles come highly recommended by customers. You can’t go wrong when going with them as your first choice.