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The Best Plastic Bottle Manufacturers in Gauteng


The Best Plastic Bottle Manufacturers in Gauteng


Gauteng is renowned as a hub for plastic manufacturing in South Africa, with many suppliers providing packaging and other plastic variants to businesses of all shapes and sizes on a national level. As we saw in the 2010’s, there is a larger social responsibility on us as individuals, as well as on companies, to make sure they are optimising the recycling capabilities of their products, as well as creating products in the best interest of the wellbeing of the earth in mind. If you’re looking for a plastic supplier to help out with a new venture, or if you’re looking to shop around for a few new quotes as we kick off a new year, the options provided here are a good place to start. 


What Does a Plastic Manufacturer Do?


The plastic manufacturing industry creates a range of products from a variety of plastic compounds, with their specific end use in mind at all times. These are then sold off in bulk to chemical, food and drink manufacturers, who use the packaging for soft drinks, milk, and other household items. Plastic bottle manufacturers naturally focus specifically on the creation and distribution of plastic bottles, which can be used in a range of different industries and for a wide variety of purposes. Plastic manufacturers often provide bespoke products, remaining fairly flexible to customer requirements within reason, and depending on the size of your order.




Mpact is a go-to if you’re looking for a plastic bottle manufacturer in the greater Gauteng province, with years of dedicated service and a commitment to their clients that is largely unparalleled in this industry. They focus on packaging products for food, drinks, personal care, agricultural and even retail markets, with a focus on the South African audience in particular. Sustainability initiatives run by Plastics SA and Packaging SA work in conjunction with Mpact Plastics, ensuring that they offer providers with the best sustainable choices, straight out of their innovation and design centre. 


SNV Plastics


SNV Plastics is a leading plastic bottle manufacturer in South Africa. Personalisation is the name of their game, and your choice is pretty much their command. They are a good place to start, as they can help extensively with the design of your product, as well as working towards the best packages which could end up saving you 20-30%. With a team of experts on hand and extensive industry knowledge, SNV may not be a household name yet, but their in house manufacturing is certainly making a splash on the industrial scene in Gauteng. 


Packaging Centre


With bottle packaging ranging from droppers to drinking bottles, Packaging Centre is renowned for its diverse product offering, and in particular, for their wide range of choices when it comes to plastic bottle manufacturing. Established twenty years ago in 2000, they’ve grown from strength to strength ever since, offering a wider range of knowledge and product choices as time has gone on. They’ve even started operating out of a custom build warehouse in Midrand, to be closer to their primary distribution areas. Feel free to pop into their showroom to get a better sense of what they create and how it can benefit your business.