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Recycling Paper For Cash: How It Works


Recycling Paper For Cash: How It Works


As more and more prominent paper suppliers like Mpact solidify their presence in the recycling space, a lot of media attention has been focused on what we as consumers can do to further enhance the sustainability machine in South Africa. Few people are aware that recycling your paper can actually earn you some extra pocket money, something that can help a lot in tough economic times. Today, we’ll delve a little deeper into recycling itself, look at how you can make money from recycling, and where you can go to find a recycling community that can help your efforts. 


What is Recycling?


Recycling refers to the process of converting waste materials, like used paper, plastic and other products, into new materials and objects. It provides an alternative to conventional waste disposal, which tends to focus on objects being optimised for single-use, which means that more original items need to be manufactured in the first place. This is terrible for greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to global warming and is already having a major effect on climates across the world. Recycling involves a little bit of discipline and a few seconds each day to organise your waste, and the more we do it and encourage others to do so too, it can make all the difference at the end of the day. 


How You Can Make Money From Recycling 


Larger recycling companies, which you can easily research online, have been known to collect excess paper, which has already been sorted for organising, offering a small incentive based on the paper type. At roughly 50-60c per kilogram, doing so at an office environment can also mean a little bit of extra coins in your pocket, for just a small share of your time. This is also a great job creating opportunity, especially if you’re looking to work through some of your old documents that have been collecting dust at the office. Assess how much paper you have, and perhaps start it out as a project on the side, and see how much you can earn in the process. If you’re worried about confidential documents being exposed, there are specific companies that handle this type of collection, but be sure to ask them if they charge a fee for this, and if you get any kind of compensation in return. 


A United Push To Recycle More in South Africa


Recycling efforts start at home and at the office. If you haven’t been doing any kind of recycling at either of these locations, an opportunity has presented itself for you to take initiative and to discuss it with your colleagues and superiors. The recycling industry in South Africa still has a way to go before it is where it is expected to be, and considering the high rate of unemployment at the start of 2020, it may also be a way to generate additional jobs, both through government schemes as well as private businesses. What are you waiting for? Do your bit, and you may even walk away with a bit of extra income in the process too. Good luck!