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Top Plastic Supply Companies in South Africa


Top Plastic Supply Companies in South Africa


Plastic supply companies in South Africa come in all shapes and sizes, with each providing a range of different products and services. Plastic is a versatile material that is used in bulk product creation, as well as in other uses like shaping and moulding. If you’re looking for a particular plastic-related service, it helps to have a direction to go in on your search, so today we’re exploring some of the top plastic companies in South Africa. While they may each offer unique services, you’re generally better off enquiring with reputable brands, before starting to collect quotes from independent providers and referrals. Each of these businesses have stood the test of time, highlighting their ability to deliver quality products and services year after year, and making them part of the list of the brands you can depend on in 2020.


Mpact Paper & Plastics


Mpact is known for its diverse range of plastic products, created by a team of over 5000 employees across 40 different locations in South Africa. These high quality products include PET preforms, bottles, jars, closures, containers, trays, films and more. They are also more than happy to help you design the product you have in mind, regardless of a complicated spec. When it comes to recycling, they don’t just say they’re trying to be more efficient than their competitors, they truly are. Mpact’s PET recycling plant processes almost 30 000 tons of used bottles per year, saving landfill space and reducing plastic waste. Their methods are EU compliant, which puts them a head above the rest of some of the other businesses in the industry. 


Africa Plastics


Africa Plastics, which operates out of Laser Park, is an in-house facility for plastic injection moulding. Known for their bespoke product ranges, they help with mould design, toolmaking, plastic injection as well as general options to shape items from a range of different industries. With decades of service to the industry, always looking to provide a better service while employing people from all walks of life, the company is considered an expert in the field, constantly reviewing their processes and procedures, as well as providing additional training to their staff, to bring you the best possible service in the business. Their prices are also fairly competitive, so if your looking for a bulk purchase, starting with them is a good idea. 


Dynamic Plastics


Dynamic Plastics turned 20 last year, celebrating the milestone along with a reputation for customer-centric service. While containers and buckets are their speciality, they promise that no demand is too big or small for them to consider, so reach out to them if you have a specific plastic container design in mind. Containers are often the cornerstone of many businesses, not only those that sell them as part of their products, but also in terms of general storage space for in-house administrative functions as well. Dynamic has a sleek and modern feel to their operations, which compliments their generally seriousness regarding delivering excellence to each customer.