Applications for Plastic Pallets in Various Industries

Plastic pallets are popular additions to many businesses thanks to their stable, sturdy nature.

The global plastic pallets market is expected to consist of over 586 million units by 2027¹. At that time, these will be used in processing and manufacturing, at distribution centres, for static storage, as part of conveying systems, for transport and more.

From the food & beverage industry, to pharmaceuticals and even the publishing industry, we’ve got a pallet for you.. 


Applications For Food & Beverage Providers

Safety is paramount in the food and beverage industry. Contamination is possible at multiple stages of the supply chain, leading to waste and often with severe financial implications on the business. Plastic pallets are essential to avoiding this, specifically in the transport and storage links². Food-grade plastic pallets are created with safety in mind, doubling up as a sanitary solution for consumable goods. From raw materials to the final product, the food beverage  industry benefits from plastic pallets across the board. 


Plastic Pallets In The Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, plastic pallets are predominantly used as a way to encourage rapid, inexpensive movement of goods³. Often, samples have to be transported and processed within a very specific amount of time. The right pallet will slot easily into forklifts and pallet jacks, speeding up the logistical process and ensuring that providers can beat the race against the clock. Over and above this, the industry also banks on medication being transported directly to their distributors, eventually reaching the consumer in good standing at the end of the process. 


Wildcard: Pallets In The Publishing Industry 

One lesser known, relatively niche space using plastic pallets is the publishing industry. The industry is reliant on storing a large volume of books at a given time, as well as transporting orders from warehouses to stores. Although time sensitivity isn’t a factor here (over and above deadlines for releases), books still have to be in pristine condition by the time they hit the shelves. Plastic pallets are a good fit thanks to their durable nature, and packed efficiently, each pallet is able to hold a large amount of stock at any given time. 

Plastic pallets can be used in many other industries, as they provide a cost-saving solution for storing, handling, and transporting  goods, while also ensuring hygiene.


Catering to Your Pallet Needs

With decades of experience across various industries, we can help you with a resuable plastic pallet solution. We’re here to find the best possible fit for your operations based on business specific applications. Having serviced a multitude of businesses across Africa, we’ve got you covered. 

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