Our Approach

The Mpact Group is committed to the principles of sustainable development: to respecting and caring for our employees, supporting the communities affected by our operations and mitigating any possible impacts that our operations may have on the environment. We are committed to a philosophy of fair employment, ensuring that our workforce is one that is representative of gender and race diversity, and remains free of discrimination. With these principles in mind, treating our people and our planet with care and respect has become a central focus.

Mpact Plastic Containers acknowledges the importance of customer satisfaction as essential to our existence. To maintain this, we strive always to provide products of a consistently high quality, through excellent service provision. In order to meet this requirement, we implement strict measures of quality control, and compliance with these standards is monitored by regular audits that are carried out by both internal and external auditors. We have achieved our ISO 9001 rating by maintaining these high standards.

We focus on performance through effective business excellence programmes and sound asset management, which enables us to provide quality products and services to our customers, retain a motivated and skilled workforce and deliver good returns to our shareholders.