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Corporate Profile

Mpact Plastic Containers forms part of Mpact Limited and is the leading supplier of plastic containers in the southern African market. Formerly known as Mondi Packaging, Mpact Limited demerged in July 2011, a move which gave the packaging branch of the business a sharper focus and increased investor potential. 
The Group owns 54% of the converting operation and has manufacturing plants in Brits, in Gauteng, and Atlantis, in the Western Cape. Our plant in Brits was acquired in early 2011, through our recent acquisition of the waste bin manufacturing interests of Plastics Omnium of France. Our Atlantis plant is host to a 5500t Engel Duo machine, which is the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere. Mpact Plastic Containers offer a fresh and more modern approach to plastic packaging, moving away from outdated, single-trip disposable packaging and developing instead an array of multi-trip, re-usable containers that constitute the largest range of Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) systems in South Africa.

With the obvious cost advantages of moving away from raw materials, not to mention the dramatic reductions in packaging waste, improved product protection, and superior logistical efficiency, it is no wonder that the RTP market has been experiencing such consistent growth, which Mpact Plastic Containers is now perfectly poised to build on.
Combining these benefits with the added advantages of improved safety in transport storage, less maintenance and traceability through RFID tags, companies can no longer afford to overlook the long-term benefits of RTP containers over disposable packaging, with applications in almost every commodity industry, including, but not limited to agriculture, automotive, baking, food processing, manufacturing, logistics, pharmaceutical, poultry, retail, waste collection and containment, as well as the wine industries.

Mpact Plastic Containers is also the country’s leader in the manufacturing of Jumbo Bins and wheeled bins and creates a variety of other crates, trays, and related packaging items to meet the needs of our clients.