Corporate Profile

Mpact Plastic Containers forms part of Mpact Operations and is the leading supplier of plastic containers in the southern African market. There are three manufacturing plants; Atlantis-Western Cape, Brits -North West Province, Castleview - Gauteng.

Both Brits and Atlantis plants host a 5500T Engel Duo machine, which is the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere. A commercial office in Cyprus, Europe, further enhances our value offering to global customers. The company also has a recycling factory situated in Brits, North West.
Mpact Plastic Containers offers a sustainable approachto plastic containers, designing and manufacturing an array of multi-trip, reusable containers that constitute the largest range of Returnable Transit Containers in South Africa.

The company is the country’s leader in the manufacturing of Jumbo Bins®, wheeled bins, and a variety of crates, trays and related rigid plastic containers, offering bespoke customer solutions.


There are four divisions within the company.

Each division provides robust and reliable systems that are specifically designed to operate efficiently within a multitude of segments, including retail, industrial, agricultural, environmental and export industries. Using a multi-focus team approach, the sales, marketing and manufacturing departments are fully integrated and trained to find solutions that meet customer needs and expectations. On-going research and innovation ensures that the company is at the forefront of market developments and in a position to anticipate future requirements.


Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our recycling efforts. We have diverted more than 34,000 tons of plastic from landfills over recent years. Mpact firmly believes in the power of creating a circular economy, where resources are used, reused, and recycled in a closed loop. To achieve this, we offer customers an opportunity to exchange their end-of-useful life products for new ones. This process not only reduces waste but also paves the way for the creation of new products using recycled materials. By implementing this approach with our customers, we are actively contributing to the reduction of plastic waste and the preservation of our environment. Together, we can pave the way for a circular economy that prioritizes the health of our planet.


Mpact Plastic Containers factories are located in previously disadvantaged areas, aiming to contribute to the communities by creating employment opportunities. Mpact Plastic Containers also supports various charity organisations.

Mpact's Wheelie Bins At Work