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Health and Safety

Mpact is committed to providing its employees with a safe workplace that is equipped with sufficient protection against occupational hazards and health risks. We have a health and safety policy in place which is in line with ISO 18001. We ensure that appropriate resources are allocated to the management of health and safety risks. With this working system in place, we hope to create and maintain an environment in which our employees can and want to work.


Mpact’s health policies are based on the principle of prevention before cure. Every Mpact employee undergoes regular health checkups and is given access to a broad spectrum of medical assistance through full time and part time occupational health clinics, run for us by contracted service providers. 

These facilities provide free HIV testing, giving our employees the opportunity to know their status and receive antiretroviral treatment and counseling if necessary. An employee wellbeing programme is also available through an external service provider.


Mpact recognises the threat of HIV/AIDS to South African society. We have a Group-wide policy in place that protects the fundamental rights of any employee living with HIV/Aids and this policy is in line with the South African Constitution and Bill of Rights. We ensure that all of our employees are aware of their rights in this regard and that antiretroviral therapy is available to every employee through the national network of service providers.


Safety is one of our top priorities at Mpact, and the safety implications of each policy and procedure are important considerations of every Group decision.
The Group engages several channels of communication to maintain a high level of safety awareness and a collective sense of responsible conduct throughout the organisation. Both of our operating plants have a complete set of safety standards, rules and procedures, with which every employee is required to comply. This compliance, as well as the relevance and scope of these standards, is monitored through regular audits.
While line management is accountable for the safety of employees at work, with the support of our competent safety staff, ultimately each individual is responsible for his/her own safety. To this end, Mpact ensures that all employees receive safety training relevant to their positions and to the environments in which they will be required to work. This follows an initial series of compulsory competency tests that every employee is required to undergo at the beginning of their employment, in order to ascertain that they can perform the necessary tasks safely and effectively.