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  • More Efficient Handling & Storage with Plastic Pallets

    Originally, pallets were made only of hard or soft wood. It was cheap, plentiful and easily replaceable. While this made sense decades ag...
  • Get the BEST CHICKS with our NEW Poultry Range

    Growing eggs and chicks in a controlled growth environment not only reduces chick mortality and injury rate, but also increase profits.When chicks ...
  • The versatility of a Jumbo Bin

    Products manufactured by Mpact Plastic Containers are in a league of their own. Each product is quality tested and conform to quality standards. It...
  • Linear Economy vs Circular Economy - A Short Description

    It's refuse collection day, and you need to make sure that your full Wheelie Bin is at your gate and ready for collection. That being done, you get...
  • Feeding the Nation — One Load at a Time

    Harvest-time signals a transition of the crop from cultivator to container. Now the Farmer must entrust someone else with the product of his labour.
  • Does Mpact Plastic Containers recycle Wheelie Bins?

    Mpact Plastic Containers (MPC) along with trailblazers like the City of Cape Town have embarked on a creating a closed loop system. How does this work? 
  • The Collapsible Crate

    In 2018, we introduced the Small Folding Crate, also known as the Collapsible Crate. The crate provides superior ventilation, and has excellent stacking capabilities.

  • Mpact Plastic Containers: Striving for the Competitive Edge

    Mpact Plastic Containers is the leading supplier of plastic containers in the South African market.