Flock Efficiency: The full poultry crate range by Mpact Plastic Containers

In the poultry industry, efficiency and animal welfare are paramount.

From the moment an egg is laid to the transport of fully grown birds, each step requires careful consideration to minimize harm and maximize productivity. The correct poultry crates are designed to ensure the safety and health of eggs, chicks, and chickens while enhancing operational efficiency.

Let's explore the full range of poultry crates manufactured locally by Mpact Plastic Containers and their unique benefits.


Egg Setter Tray Range: Reducing Breakage, Enhancing Protection

Transporting delicate eggs requires precision and care. The Egg Setter Tray is specifically designed to safeguard eggs during transportation, drastically reducing breakage.


Delicate Handling: These trays are crafted to cradle each egg securely, minimizing movement and the risk of breakage.

Optimized Design: The ergonomic design allows for easy stacking and efficient use of space, both during transport and storage.

Durability: Made from high-quality polypropylene plastic, these trays withstand the rigors of handling and transport, ensuring long-term use.


Hatching Crate: Ensuring Safe Hatching Environments

Once eggs are ready to hatch, providing a safe environment for this critical stage is essential. Hatching Crate creates is an ideal setting for eggs to transition into healthy chicks.


Secure Environment: Hatching crates are designed to maintain optimal conditions for hatching, reducing mortality rates.

Ventilation: Proper airflow is ensured, preventing overheating and promoting healthy chick development.

Sturdy Construction: Robust materials ensure the crates can be reused multiple times without compromising safety.


Day-Old Chick Crate: Protecting the Flock


chick crate

Transporting day-old chicks requires specialized care to prevent injury and stress. The Day-Old Chick Crate by Mpact Plastic Containers offers a secure and safe environment for these vulnerable birds.


Safety First: The design eliminates loose splinters and sharp edges, preventing self-harm and ensuring a smooth surface.

Secure Containment: The crate keeps chicks safe during transport, with sufficient ventilation to maintain a healthy environment.

Easy Handling: Lightweight and easy to carry, the day old chick crates facilitate efficient transport operations.


Chicken Coop: Transporting Full-Grown Birds Safely

For transporting fully grown chickens, Chicken Coops provides a safe and spacious environment, ensuring the well-being of the birds during transit.


Spacious Design: Each coop can transport up to 12 live birds, with enough room to avoid overcrowding and stress.

Safety Features: No loose parts or splinters, reduces the risk of injury to the birds, ensuring the birds are protected during transit.

Durability: Built to last, the coops are made from high-quality plastic that withstands the demands of transportation.


Easi Tray (Catching Tray): Versatile and Efficient


The Easi Tray, also known as the catching tray in the poultry industry, is available in both 4 or 5 tier module configurations, offering flexibility and efficiency in bird transportation.


Modular Design: Available in multiple configurations to suit different transport operational needs, choose between the 4 tier or 5 tier Easi Tray.

Easy Handling: Ergonomically designed for quick loading and unloading, the transportation and handling process is streamlined, saving time and costs.

Durable Construction: These trays adhere to Mpact’s stringent quality standards, ensuring longevity and repeated use.


Commitment to Quality and Sustainability

Mpact Plastic Containers adhere to strict quality control practices, ensuring each crate meets high standards of safety and durability. Additionally, at the end of its useful lifecycle, crates can be returned to the manufacturing factory in exchange for new crates, promoting sustainability and reducing waste.


High Standards: The onsite SHEQ team complies to rigorous quality control ensuring that crates are fit for purpose and reliable.

Sustainable Practices: The return and exchange program minimizes environmental impact, aligning with sustainability goals.

Cost Efficiency: Reusing and exchanging crates helps reduce long-term operational costs.


Revolutionizing Poultry Transportation

In the poultry industry, efficient and safe transportation is crucial. Mpact Plastic Containers’ range of specialized crates—from Egg Setter Trays to Chicken Coops—provides comprehensive solutions that enhance productivity, sustainability and animal welfare. By incorporating these innovative crates into your operations, you can ensure the health and safety of your flock while optimizing efficiency and sustainability.

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