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Collection: Jumbo Bins

Our Jumbo bin is a more reliable, sustainable and profitable plastic alternative to the wooden bin traditionally used in the agricultural industry, and is considered by many to be the best quality bulk bin in the world, available at the lowest possible cost.

It was introduced in North America and Australia 20 years ago and has been in great demand ever since, particularly in the fruit industries of those regions, where it has become virtually the only bin used.

Features & Benefits

  • Smooth interior surfaces reduce waste and downgrades
  • Superior inbuilt ventilation reduces cooling time and saves energy
  • Clean, non-porous surfaces
  • Eliminates HACCP problems associated with wood
  • Weighs 45% less than wooden bins for quicker, safer handling and stacking
  • Positive interlocking foot design for quicker, safer handling and stacking
  • Can be stacked up to eight units high
  • Compatible with most bin handling equipment
  • One-piece moulding eliminates maintenance
  • Low cost

Financial Benefits

Using Jumbo Bins have different financial benefits, depending on the industry. To help give perspective on actual cost comparisons, see below two examples of two real-life scenarios from two of our current clients:

APPLES & PEARS CASE STUDY FROM GRABOUW-ELGIN AREA, Western Cape: Using the Jumbo Bin results in a total savings of R138.69 per bin pa. Payback period of 3 years.

CITRUS CASE STUDY FROM SUNDAYS RIVER, Eastern Cape: Using the Jumbo Bin results in a total savings of R370.98 per bin pa. Payback period of 1 year.

Note: These are samples based on costs as per December 2011. We have prepared an excel spreadsheet which would enable you to see further details on the summaries included or to run a no-obligation costing on your own specific agricultural activity. Please make contact with us.

Technical Specifications

  • Moulding: high pressure injection moulding
  • Material: fully recyclable, UV-stabilised, impact-modified polypropylene
  • Construction: double walled corner and centre posts
  • Lifting: Two hand holds
  • Foot design: positive interlocking with two feet
  • Fork lift entry: 126mm opening with patented slide entry
  • Ventilation: 804 air vents with 8mm openings and rounded inside surfaces
  • Stacking: 4700kg on level ground in cold storage; 3800kg on ground level below 35C for up to one month and 3400 kg on ground level in temperatures more than 35C for more than a month.
  • Variation: vented or solid


top view
front view
side view

Trials and Tests

7 products
  • Jumbo Bin (JB1000)
  • Jumbo Bin (JB2000)
  • Jumbo Bin (JB5281)
  • Jumbo Bin (JB5282)
  • Jumbo Bin 1210
  • Jumbo Bin Lid (JBLid)
  • Jumbo Dry Tray