Mpact’s Wheelie Bins: Everything You Need to Know

Wheelie Bins can be revolutionary for a variety of different business types. Recently, waste removal practices are under more scrutiny than ever, especially in the wake of a global focus on sustainable all-round practices that encourage the well-being of local communities and the planet. 


What Is A Wheelie Bin?

Wheelie Bins are essentially large plastic containers with two wheels that are designed to be used for holding and storing trash and waste¹.

These are meant to be high-quality, durable products that can stand the test of time in various conditions. The idea is also that they are able to keep any unsavoury smells locked inside the bin, especially if it is placed there a couple of days before it gets formally disposed of at the next stage of the waste management process. 

MPC’s Wheelie Bin 

In order to meet the wide range of industry needs, MPC offers a variety of different Wheelie Bin options to choose from. No matter which bin you choose, there are a host of benefits related to owning a Wheelie Bin², including being 100% recyclable, keeping the waste disposal area tidy and stopping wild animals from tearing black bags open before they are collected.

MPC’s range includes 140 litre and 240 litre options, as well as offering the option to buy spare wheels too. Aside from the standard black bins, there are a host of other colour options to choose from, including , red, orange, yellow green and more. 

When Wheelie Bins have reached the end of their lifecycle, they can be returned to Mpact Plastic Containers to be recycled for credits toward new Wheelie Bins.


Technical Specifications To Keep In Mind

Although different bin sizes will have slightly adjusted technical specifications, MPC’s Wheelie Bins are made from HDPE material. This ensures maximum durability even when they are pushed to their limit in terms of weather conditions and handling during waste removal. 


Finding The Right Fit For Your Needs

Our approach involves never compromising on quality control, and always making sure every piece of plastic we manufacture has the ability to be used multiple times during the course of its life cycle.

If you’re on the lookout for Wheelie Bins that adhere to SABS standards, we’re just a quick message or call away. 


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