Where to Buy Wheelie Bins in Johannesburg

 Where to Buy Wheelie Bins in Johannesburg

Wheelie bins are popular in residences and businesses across the world, and South Africa has its own approach to how these are used in conjunction with waste management across the various provinces. If you’re on the lookout for an additional bin, or buying a bin or two for a new business, you may be wondering about the best place to look to find what you need. A lot of plastic supply companies will charge an arm and a leg for a wheelie bin, so we’ve done some digging to give you a better sense of what will not only make practical sense, but will help your budget along the way as well. 

What is a Wheelie Bin?

If you’ve never heard of a wheelie bin, it simply refers to a waste container that is used for temporarily storing waste before it goes to the landfill. It is usually made out of plastic, although some industries use metal versions as well. Common words associated with wheelie bins include “rubbish”, “basket” and “bin”, with American audiences primarily focused on “trash” and “can”. Regardless of terminology, owning a sturdy, well labelled wheelie bin is a must-have for any homeowner or business manager. 

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Wheelie Bins

A lot of residents have Pikitup bins, which are effectively owned by the City of Johannesburg. Few are aware of the fact that when you move location, you have to leave the existing bin at your residence, but worse yet, if it gets stolen or damaged, you will be required to pay a replacement fee directly to them. If you want to avoid this, be it for your home or your business, owning your own wheelie bin makes a lot more sense, particularly if you’re worried about it getting lost or vandalised in the neighbouring area. 

The Types of Wheelie Bins To Consider

Before buying a replacement or new wheelie bin, make sure you know which one you need to use, not only from a practical standpoint, but also due to city regulations. Four types of wheelie bins are relatively common, including the 1100 litre bin, a 770 litre alternative which is popular with small businesses, as well as the more standard 240 litre and 140 litre (two wheeled) versions. Do some research on the various prices associated with each before making a buying decision, and keep in mind that the bin should be as mobile as possible, particularly as you will be moving with if you ever change home or business premises. 

The Best Place To Buy a Wheelie Bin in Johannesburg

Mpact’s environmental division, particularly in their plastic containers department, has all the types of wheelie bins we mentioned here, including municipal, industrial and residential options. Waste management is a top priority for them, not only because it is a basic tenet of human existence, but because there is a share of social responsibility we all agree to by making it a priority in our lives. Mpact is leader in containers for rubbish collection, medical waste, environmental development and more, manufactured to the highest standards for practicality and durability. If you’re worried that you can go wrong here, you won’t. 

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