Creating innovative customer solutions

How Mpact Plastic Containers is creating innovative customer solutions

Mpact Plastic Containers is the leading manufacturer and supplier of plastic crates and containers in the southern African market. The supply of containers ranges from large bulk bins to smaller sized linbins. We are aware that the market can present many challenges, therefore we analyze individual customer needs, and offer solutions based on these needs.

Durable Product Offerings

Our range of product offerings is durable and this is evident by means of our Wheelie Bin drop tests. These tests form part of our ongoing assessment of products that is undertaken by our quality control department.

Some benefits of our products include recyclability, durability, able to withstand weather conditions and a reduction in transport costs due to the nesting capabilities of certain products. Our agricultural range has been specifically designed to reduce bruising of fresh produce.

No customer wants to buy bananas that turned black due to bruising in transit.
We understand that the packaging industry is rapidly evolving, therefore we are consistently looking for new methods of innovation in order to maintain our brand that you have come to trust.

Reducing your cost of packaging

Many companies are looking for ways to reduce costs. Since packaging is not the core function of most companies, packaging is usually the first area where costs are cut. However, reducing the cost of packaging does not necessarily mean that quality should be compromised. Our containers have a lifespan of between fifteen to thirty years. This means that if you purchase containers from Mpact, you may not need to make another purchase for the next two or three decades.

On-site Recycling 

We also have an on-site recycling facility. After products have reached the end of their product life-cycle, they can be returned to us. Recycled material is reused to produce more crates.

We take every effort to intentionally reduce our carbon footprint and maintain a sustainable environment.

Mpact Plastic Containers Recycling

In diversity we prosper, build mutually beneficial relationships and try our best to add value to your chain.


Credit: Nicky Motsepe

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