Feeding the Nation — One Load at a Time

 From Farm to Table - Feeding the nation.

Farming, a trade passed on from generation to generation, is as much about history as it is about agriculture. There is a rhythm to farming, a connectedness with the sway of the seasons, the idiosyncrasies of different crops and an awareness that your labour puts food on the table for a nation, not just your family.

Perhaps that is why Farmers are both proud and humble. Proud because they are fulfilling a calling, and humble because they know that their labour is always subject to the greater forces of nature.

Farmers work the land, so the land can work for us. It is the very embodiment of stewardship. Rising before the sun, heading out into the fields inspecting plants, noting which leaves show signs of need for fertilising, contemplatively planning the day ahead. Meeting with the team as the sun peaks over the horizon, briefing everyone on what is to be done for the day and heading out, with only the most experienced and responsible team members allowed to do the pruning and picking.



Harvest-time signals a transition of the crop from cultivator to container. Now the Farmer must entrust someone else with the product of his labour. Someone who appreciates the hard work, patience and care that’s gone into producing the crop, but also someone who understands the challenges of protecting and safeguarding the post-harvest produce.

Someone who appreciates the important role that packaging plays in post-harvest produce protection, how to determine optimum storage space, understands transpiration, the respiration and ripening processes and how temperature management is essential to quality assurance. A company who acknowledges the importance of saving on storage space and the realities of moving product around in confined spaces with trucks and forklifts, people who don’t just try to sell you products, but solutions that save you money.

Just as Farmers take care to ensure the best possible crop, we pay extra attention to ensure that our products play their part in keeping fruit and vegetables fresh. That’s why the number of ventilation holes in our Jumbo Bins is determined by exact research, their size and spread perfectly positioned to allow enough cold air to ventilate the produce. It is also why our moulded polypropylene bins and containers are made with food-grade materials, that are HACCP approved, so harvested fruit and vegetables stay hygienically clean and healthy.

So, while we are thankful to Farmers for putting food not only on their families’ tables, but also on the table of a nation, we in turn take pride in knowing that in a small way we are helping to put the security back into food security. For generations to come.


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