How to Keep the Costs of Waste Disposal to a Minimum with MPC’s Recyclable Composter

Landfill disposal might be relatively low in South Africa¹, but the impact they have on the environment are nothing short of severe.

Individuals and businesses both have a shared responsibility to prioritise sustainable waste disposal, in a bid to offset the impact wherever possible.

This doesn’t mean the process is expensive. Although it will take a bit of extra work, with the help of solutions like MPC’s recyclable Composter, the process is considerably easier than it might have been a couple of years ago. 


What Is Waste Disposal? 

Waste disposal refers to the collection, processing, recycling or deposition of waste materials that are created by modern human society².

Waste is classified in various forms, and each might have its own effect on the health and well-being of people who come in contact with it.

The way waste is processed and handled can also have a direct effect on the environment. Waste disposal management is one of the most important facets of any supply chain, no matter how big or small operations might be. 

How MPC’s Recyclable Composter Can Help

The MPC’s Composter — which was introduced to the market — can help make organic waste disposal easier, at an affordable cost.

It has been carefully designed to securely store and recycle organic waste into compost. It addresses problems such as potential rodent infestation, avoids the impact of recyclable waste by changing weather conditions, and creates compost that can be reused at home or in other facets of business operations.

At just 5.5kg’s and with a capacity of 150L, the Composter is a perfect standalone for smaller operations, and bulk orders are encouraged for bigger businesses looking to take their waste management to the next level. 

Other Ways To Reduce Waste Disposal Costs

There are also a couple of other ways that can help keep costs of waste disposal to a minimum³.

Recycling should be a top priority in offices and warehouses, from raw materials to consumables. This helps both the management process and also creates a culture of sustainability across the board.

Also consider collaborating with companies that handle waste, as this can lead to opportunities to increase the value of the waste, which can be added to the bottom line. 

Sustainability Is The Way

If you’re on the lookout for ways to save money and to help the environment, our approach to sustainability is a good reference point for you to consider.

Finding new ways to improve the green rating of a business, such as introducing the MPC's composter into operations, is a good way to cut down waste disposal costs. This can even open up new revenue streams, taking businesses to a entirely new direction than expected.


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