Is Egg Farming Profitable In South Africa?

Eggs are a common source of protein for many South Africans. They can be enjoyed at any time of the day, and they are an essential ingredient in many cooking recipes.

In this article, we'll discuss reasons why egg farming is profitable and what factors you need to consider before starting your egg farming business.


Is Egg Farming Profitable?

In South Africa, egg farming can be a very profitable business due to the increase in population and food prices.

The egg farming business is also one of the easiest to start as it is not difficult to manage, does not require a lot of expertise and is very affordable.

The right equipment, egg-laying chickens, and protein-rich chicken food are all you need to start your layer farm.


 Factors To Consider

Which Bird Is Best?


The most widely used birds in South Africa today are Amberlink, Hyline, and Lohmann.

At 18 to 70 weeks of age, each bird can lay six to seven eggs a week.

It’s important to choose the right breed of bird that will do best in your area to lay the highest quality eggs


Planning Is Vital 

The business of egg-laying requires both financial and production planning. You need to take note of how many eggs your hens are laying, how frequently, and how fast they sell. Ensuring that these details are understood, you can secure a constant and consistent egg supply once you understand the flow of your livestock. 

The Correct Equipment

The correct gear and equipment are essential to successfully running an egg farming business. There are costs involved in ensuring that you obtain the best products to run your business. For example, your hens need to be in an environment where they can thrive and lay the best eggs. A suitable brooder house or laying house is important for your hens to rest and lay their eggs. Another important factor you will need to consider is how you are going to store your eggs once hatched.

If you invest in the correct equipment right off the bat, you won’t need to continually spend money replacing them in the long run. 


Climate And Temperature

The temperature will vary from season to season. It’s important that the temperature for egg production should be at the optimal temperature which is around 11 and 26 degrees Celsius. If the humidity levels are too high, egg production may decrease. The way eggs are stored is important. 


Egg farming in South Africa is a profitable industry. It’s important to keep in mind that the right equipment is required as well as the appropriate hens to produce the eggs that you want to sell. 

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