More Efficient Handling & Storage with Plastic Pallets

Plastic Pallets - Handling & Storage

Originally, pallets were made only of hard or soft wood. It was cheap, plentiful and easily replaceable. While this made sense decades ago, the growing awareness of the environmental impact that industry was having on the environment, coupled with the need for greater efficiencies in materials handling, has resulted in other more environmentally friendly and durable solutions being sought.

Plastic Pallets are the Answer

The usual rebuttal for choosing wooden over plastic pallets is cost, this is seldom put in context, neglecting to compare the relative ‘life expectancy’ of a wooden vs plastic pallet. While the former is likely to last only 3–5 years, plastic pallets have a lifespan of more than 10 years. In addition, plastic pallets are also an essential part of a new paradigm in materials handling, one that understands the value of reusable pallets (RTP) over single (or limited) use pallets. The bottom line is, plastic pallets hold significant advantages over wooden pallets.
While plastic pallets are impervious to moisture, wooden pallets are absorbent, harbour bugs, and have a host of other negative impacts related to contamination. Plastic pallets are durable, do not contain fasteners, decreases the risk of cross-contamination and are 100% recyclable. Plastic pallets are also lighter than wooden pallets, resulting in easier handling, transportation and decreased shipping fees.

The materials handling future demand for pallets will keep growing as supply chains expand, necessitating the need for stricter environmental legislation in an increasingly demanding global business context. Apart from ensuring the environmental sustainability of their business ecosystems, companies are likely to also start incorporating more technology into their material handling activities. Plastic pallets, such as those manufactured by Mpact Plastic Containers, provide an opportunity for greater operational control over the movements of shipments with the integration of RFID chips seamlessly sharing locational information with asset registers. This ensures that shipments and pallets are both trackable and returnable.

As a market leader in the global injection moulding industry, Mpact Plastic Containers supplies, among other injection moulded products, plastic pallets into local and international markets, offering a range of pallets to suit different supply chain requirements, such as the:


plastic stackable pallet


plastic nestable pallet



plastic hygiene pallet


plastic slip-resistant pallet

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