Mpact Plastic Containers New Rackable Pallet

After investing time, money and effort into valuable stock, no business wants to face the nightmare of stock loss.

This is why the new Rackable Pallet manufactured locally by Mpact Plastic Containers is the new norm for modern businesses.


Using a pallet that is not designed to carry heavy loads over prolonged periods of time can result in pallets warping or breaking – which means your stock is at high risk of being damaged.

Overall, plastic pallets gained popularity because of the many benefits they offer:

  • the ability to nest, stack, and/ or rack,
  • easier to clean,
  • ISPM15 exempt (no fumigation or heat treatment is required, reduced delay at customs),
  • no loose parts/ nails/ splinters,
  • standard sizes.

Did you know that no two wood pallets are exactly the same size?


What makes the Rackable Pallet different from other pallets on the market?

Designed to withstand heavy loads, the Rackable Pallet can hold up to 6000 kg static load (standing still), 2000 kg dynamic load (moving) and 1400 kg racking load (on a rack).

Made from HDPE, the pallet is available with or without steel reinforcements depending on the preference and application.

Steel reinforcements ensure you have added peace of mind that stock is safe and secure.


The Rackable Pallet is compatible with automated conveyer systems and high racking systems, is forklift friendly with four-way entry, and has a vented top deck to optimise air circulation.

Rounded edges protect the pallet against damage from strapping and base support allows for even weight distribution without worrying about products tumbling.

Due to their durability and low maintenance requirements, Rackable Pallets also provide long-term cost savings.


When plastic pallets have reached the end of their lifecycle, they can be returned to Mpact Plastic Containers, and replaced with new pallets. Material from end-of-life pallets is recycled to make new pallets and other plastic products.

If you’re looking for a smart pallet, Mpact Plastic Containers offers a track and trace option by adding RFID tags to the pallets. You can access RFID tag, cloud-based information from any device at any time! Your Rackable Pallets will be automatically converted into a smart pallet, carrying important data wherever they are!