MPC's Jumbo Bin®: A Unique Water Filtration System

South Africa has long been considered a water scarce country¹. Having a water filtration system can help individuals and businesses combat this problem and maximise existing water supply sustainably.

What Is A Water Filtration System?

A water filtration system is responsible for filtering out particles and pollutants from water². There are many processes that are used around the world, and some are regularly updated to adapt to the changing demands of consumers.

Systems are regularly improved upon when new technologies present themselves to the market. There are many different system types, but any process that successfully removes sediment, bacteria and chlorine from water — essentially making it fit for a variety of human uses — can be considered a filtration system. 


Recent Western Cape Drought

The Western Cape has been particularly affected by drought in recent years, especially in 2017/18. At its peak, less than 10% of usable water remained for nearly 4 million residents³.


This led to widespread panic, forcing businesses to innovate and source water using alternate methods. Local government officials also had to come up with innovative plans to avoid experiencing the same problem again in the near future. 



City Of Cape Town’s New Water Purification Process


The MPC team is proud to be a part of the new water purification process, which is designed as a plumbing system split into black and grey water.

Once separated, both go through different treatment processes, this is where the Jumbo Bins® come in handy.

These bins filter the water slowly and carefully, purifying it to a level that it can be reused for air conditioning systems, toilets, urinals and even gardens. The process is fully automated, and is an excellent chemical-free purification process that is easy enough to manage.

Soon, a larger outdoor plant will open, in order to take operations to an entirely new level.


Getting MPC’s Jumbo Bins®


If you’re looking to improve the sustainability of your business, or you just want to have more options for saving water, MPC’s Jumbo Bins® can help. The bins are unique because they also offer fresh produce protection, in addition to contributing to water filtration process.




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