Showcasing the Versatility of Plastic Agricultural Crates: What Are Plastic Crates Used For?

The Use of Plastic Agricultural Crates 

Plastic crates serve a vital role in the handling of fruit and vegetables and other food-grade produce for the agricultural industry. Plastic agricultural crates are suitable for use across the distribution chain including harvesting, packing, transporting, and storing produce. 

Fruit, vegetables, and other fresh produce can easily be bruised, crushed, and damaged during harvest. When this happens, they can no longer be sold to customers. In order to deliver delicious edible fresh produce, temperatures, humidity and ventilation need to be controlled. As it can take several days for fresh produce to be harvested, transported, and sold, it is important to use adequate crates from the moment of harvest to preserve fruit and vegetables. 

Traditional wooden pallets absorb moisture and are susceptible to mould, mildew, and bug infestations. Nails and rugged interiors of wooden crates can damage sensitive fresh produce. 

Using plastic agricultural crates for handling agricultural produce significantly reduces post-harvest losses. The rigid exterior, as well as the smooth interior walls of the crates, protect produce. Plastic crates are also able to handle heavier loads than crates made of wood or corrugated cartons. Crates that are made of plastic can also be securely stacked owing to their uniform design. Being able to withstand moisture and temperature fluctuations ensures hygienic and clean conditions and is a massive benefit of using plastic agricultural crates. 

Types of Plastic Agricultural Crates and Bulk Bins  

Jumbo Bins®

Jumbo Bins® are an ideal solution for harvesting, packing, heavy lifting, and safe transit of fresh produce in the agricultural industry. They offer large storage capacities and are forklift compatible. 

Mpact’s range of reliable, durable, and environmentally friendly Jumbo bins® is a preferred solution for agricultural businesses. Jumbo Bins® that have reached the end of their life cycle can be returned to Mpact and will be replaced with a new bin, encouraging a closed-loop system that benefits the environment by using and reusing plastic responsibly. 

Plastic Harvest Crates 

Agriculture crates or plastic harvest crates include many different crate variations and differ according to their intended use, as well as the type of product it is intended to hold. These containers are usually small enough to be carried by hand and are used where the harvest takes place. 

Folding Crates 

Folding crates differ from other plastic agricultural crates as they feature collapsible sidewalls. This nifty feature makes them an excellent space-saving choice. They are also well suited to be used as harvest crates. 

Stack Crates 

Stack crates are ideal for the storage and distribution of products. These crates have interlocking ribs that enable casserole stacking from base to base or top to top. Stack crates can help reduce transportation costs as more goods can be carried at once when products are distributed.

Features of Plastic Agricultural Crates 


Agricultural crates with ventilation and drainage holes not only protect fruit and vegetables but also offer temperature regulation, ventilation, and drainage. Vented crates also prevent mould and mildew from spoiling a harvest. Using ventilated agricultural containers can significantly extend the shelf life of fresh produce. 

Mpact’s vented four-way Jumbo Bin® and vented two-way Jumbo Bin® feature rounded air vents on the side panels and the floor to facilitate airflow and preserve the quality of fresh produce and are compatible with forklifts. 


Alternatively, solid agricultural crates, such as Mpact’s solid shallow Jumbo Bin®, are better suited for retaining small items such as seeds and nuts, or retaining juice from grapes or berries. 

Plastic Agricultural Crates from Mpact Plastic Containers 

Plastic crates are hygienic, durable, and offer both vented and solid options, making them an excellent choice for the agricultural industry. Fresh produce is better protected throughout the supply chain, reducing damage to produce and extending valuable shelf-life.

Have a look at Mpact’s extensive Agriculture Product Range for more innovative and reliable fresh produce solutions. If you have any questions about Mpact’s range of plastic agricultural crates contact us and a member of our team will assist you. 

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