The Benefits Of Buying Local Plastic Containers

When it comes to optimising your business operations, a couple of small practical tweaks here and there can make a tangible difference to the health of the bottom line. Using local suppliers to source raw materials can mean the difference between a cashflow crippling purchase and one that leaves room for growing and developing other parts of the business. If plastic containers are a part of your supply chain — be it in a single link or all of them — buying them locally offers a string of different potential benefits. Today, we’ll delve into each of these, and more. 

Boosting The Local Economy

There are so many good reasons to buy local, rather than importing plastic containers for your operations. Doing so boosts the economy, in turn creating more jobs and encouraging community prosperity¹. It is also easier to buy in bulk when you buy locally. Import taxes can be high, turnaround times slow and it’s difficult to trust a supplier if you aren’t able to physically meet their representatives in person. Getting your plastic containers from a South African supplier is the best way to mitigate these risks and make sure you get what you’re paying for. 

Reducing Fossil Fuel Emissions

Another important benefit of buying local plastic containers is the associated reduction in fossil fuel emissions² when doing so. This is achieved through reducing the travel time to get from the manufacturer to you as a customer, which often requires planes, trains, trucks and ships when importing from abroad. New technologies are making this easier, but there is a way to go until it is fully actualised. This can affect the sustainability rating of your business, which could be the difference between scoring a major contract, or being passed over for not prioritising eco-friendliness in your operations. 

Better Customer Experience 

At the heart of buying local is a better customer experience journey³ for you as a business owner. Being able to build an in-person relationship with your suppliers may mean getting a pay holiday during a difficult period for the business, discounts on bulk purchases, or even just getting a heads up about new products that are about to become available ahead of your competitors. Buying locally encourages better customer experience on both sides, while also presenting a marketing opportunity. Content that showcases you care about the local community is an easy win for nurturing customer trust. 


Buying Plastic Containers Locally With Mpact Plastic Containers (MPC)

At MPC, we’re committed to supplying South African businesses and individuals  with the best plastic containers on the market. Made from recycled or virgin materials , our products are specifically designed to meet the ever changing needs of a range of our clients. If you’re thinking about getting new plastic containers for your supply chain, look no further. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have, while also pointing you in the right direction for products that can enhance the efficiency of your supply chain too. 


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