The Benefits Of Using Stack Crates In The Harvesting And Post Harvest Chain For Fresh Produce

Storing and transporting goods effectively in the agricultural sector can be quite a challenge.

From its time sensitive nature (the race to avoid spoiled produce), right through to secure storage options and logistics, there is a lot of room for things to go wrong.

Using the right crate types — both during harvesting and in the post-harvest period — is one way to lay a solid foundation right from the start.

Here’s how Stack Crates can help make it easier for your business to achieve the desired result. Versatility is key, and these crate types have many benefits to offer. 

A Variety Of Crate Sizes To Choose From

The first benefit of using Stack Crates in the harvesting and post-harvest supply chain is that they are made in a variety of different sizes and variants. These give flexibility to interior and exterior dimensions, capacity and weight¹, allowing efficient storage and transport based on the size and weight of the fresh produce itself. With a variety of options to choose from, efficiency can be optimised depending on the type of produce.

Perfect For Maintaining Fresh Produce

From farm to table, logistical timing is critical. Prolonging the life of the fruit is essential, and is one of the biggest challenges in the food industry². Stack Crates are designed to store fresh produce in a container that is well ventilated. 

Durability Across The Supply Chain

Sunk costs related to produce going bad will not only hurt the bottom line, but the business might look unprofessional too. If fresh produce is not well contained during transit, there is a high risk of transit damage. Stack Crates can handle products with heavier weights³ and help reduce product damage. Made from durable plastic, product will be secure right from when they are picked, all the way through to being shipped and hitting the shelves.

How MPC’s Stack Crates Stack Up

MPC offers a wide variety of Stack Crate options. These are designed to guarantee easier, faster and secure packing no matter where they might be used in the supply chain.

Our stack crates are hygienic, and also easy to clean. Their stain-resistant nature means less time spent on maintenance, and more time can be given to putting them to use.

Get in touch with us if you’re ready to transform your fresh produce supply chain as we head into the future. 


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