The Best Plastic Bin Suppliers in South Africa

The Best Plastic Bin Suppliers in South Africa

If you’re looking for a plastic bin that will suit your needs, these days it is also important to consider suppliers that make an effort to provide environmentally friendly options across their product ranges. There are a lot of new market entrants in the field looking to make a quick buck, so in this field in particular it helps to consider some of the companies that have had this at the forefront of their work over the years. Today, we’ll explore a couple of the best plastic bin suppliers in South Africa, in order to put you on your way, as you search for the best choice to go with.

Atlas Plastics

Atlas Plastics celebrated fifty years of service in 2019, originally operating as a small company from a garage in Klerksdorp. Their vision and mission has always been to provide insightful product options, that are future leaning and with an eye on innovation. Still operating out of the North West Province today, they’ve expanded their business to represent the needs of South African companies and consumers from all walks of life, specialising in mobile toilets (general and for events), tanks, drums, bins, hardware, pipes and more. 

Shawson Plastics

Shawson Plastics prides itself on having one of the biggest ranges of wheelie, recycling and dustbins in the country. More recently, they have expanded to include compost bins as well, and are always looking to improve their product offerings based on the needs of the market. Founded by Charles Trubshaw and his wife Jose back in 1966, the pair ran the business until the turn of the new millennium. Under a new CEO, the business has continued to grow, making it a leading plastic bin supplier in the process. 


Mpact, otherwise known as MPC, has operations in the Western Cape as well as the North West. With 40 operating site and a team of over 5000, spanning to Namibia and Mozambique as well, they have solidified themselves as an expert source of plastic products and containers, including jumbo bins, pallets wheelie bins and crates. All their products are reusable, with a leaning towards environmentally friendly products as a primary consideration. Their bins are produced from polypropylene and recycled materials. With fast delivery times and a high customer retention rate, these guys should be a first stop for you, if you’re looking to buy a new plastic bin.

Looking Towards a Greener Future

In 2020, it is all the more important to collaborate with brands that prioritise the wellbeing of the planet, over and above their profit margins. The companies on this list will give you an indication as to the mindset of plastic suppliers, while also providing peace of mind that you will be able to find what you’re looking for when going with any of them. While you’re at it, take some time to consider your plastic use at home or at the office. There has never been a better time to go green, and it’s never too late. Gather a few quotes, and you’ll be good to go!

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