The Hybrid Dolly: MPC’s Last-Mile Transit Solution

It's no secret that damaged stock can have a long-term negative impact on a business’s success.

Ensuring the smooth movement, transit and safe arrival of all goods to their final destination is critical, and thanks to MPC’s Hybrid Dolly you can have peace of mind that stock losses will be kept to a minimum.


What Is A Dolly Used For?

A dolly most commonly refers to a platform with four wheels, functioning as a way to transport heavy (bulk) items from a specific location to another. The dolly is available in a variety of different design and size options and can be tailored to the specific needs of your business.

The right type of dolly can improve operations, retain stock safely without damage, and ultimately lead to better output numbers for the business as a whole. 


Introducing MPC's Hybrid Dolly

To minimise the risks associated with stock transportation, the MPC team has developed a Hybrid Dolly.


This groundbreaking design can be considered universal since it can fit into every supply chain link and delivers the final product directly to the point of sale.


Durable and with an ergonomic design, MPC’s Hybrid Dolly is equipped to help secure trays and containers in a way that reduces risk. These types of dollies are also traceable with the option to add barcodes equipped with RFID tags. You can track stock movement without having to waste time by micromanaging the process. 



A Last-Mile Solution For Your Business

The Hybrid Dolly is customisable and can accommodate a single stack of crates all the way up to four stacks of crates at the same time.

Versatile and easy to maneuver, this Dolly will allow you to optimize transportation space and is compatible with most mechanical handling equipment.

The Reliable Hygiene Dolly (You must have seen these wheels on the road!)

If you’re looking to broaden your range beyond the Hybrid Dolly solution, we also offer a Hygiene Dolly, which can carry a load of up to 200kg.

The Hygiene Dolly is also ergonomic in its design and able to be linked to a track & trace system. A combination of both Dolly types could take your operations to an entirely new level. 

Contact us to find the best overall solution for your business so that your products are protected and your losses are eliminated.

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