The versatility of a Jumbo Bin

Jumbo Bin Versatility 

Products manufactured by Mpact Plastic Containers are in a league of their own. Each product is quality tested and conform to quality standards. It is for this reason, that products are long lasting and durable.

Although each product is manufactured with a primary application in mind, the range of applications that Mpact's products may be used for, are endless.

Let’s use the plastic Jumbo Bin as an example. The primary application for a Jumbo Bin is farming, however the Jumbo Bin may be used in many other processes which may be completely unrelated to farming.

In the video below, we show you how the Jumbo Bin is used by HWT Water Treatment in The Water Purification Process.



At Mpact Plastic Containers, we prefer tackling problems from a solution-based standpoint, rather than a product-based view.

Versatile Jumbo Bins: The Jumbo Bin is one of many examples which illustrate how versatile the Mpact product range is.

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