What a life! A Jumbo Bin life...

Our Jumbo Bin Life - extended life expectancy.

At Mpact Plastic Containers we believe in sustainability and acting in a responsible way in whatever we do.

For this reason, we chose plastic as the material for the manufacturing of our
products. Our products are designed for the optimization of re-use, return logistics
and an extended life expectancy.

The life cycle of a product should stretch over several years, many cycles, handling high volumes of content before it comes back to become the next product to serve a supply chain.

Our commitment to the environment is to recycle any product that left our
factory door. We recycle 100% of our own products and products of similar material coming from other sources.

The life expectancy of our products ranges between five to thirty years, depending on the product and its application. Purpose-built products with properties unique to the operating environment ensure that it performs over the complete extent of the expected life.

Below, I used our trademark Jumbo Bin, utilized in the fresh fruit industry, as an example to illustrate a typical life cycle of our products.



This example is synonymous with many of our products including pallets, materials handling crates, bottling crates and waste management equipment.


Credit: Jaco Nel

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