What does it mean to compost?

Regularly we are told to reduce, re-use and recycle. So how does composting fit into this?

What does it mean to compost?

The process is relatively easy and has the ability of diverting organic waste from landfill. Approximately 50% of the waste stream is made up of organic waste and by composting you are assisting in reducing the amount of methane gas that is produced and conserving valuable landfill space.

Mpact Plastic Containers would like to assist you in your journey to composting.

Mpact's Composter

Composting is mother nature’s way of recycling. This is caused by the decomposition of organic waste such as grass/ plant cuttings, vegetable peels/ food waste, paper as well as some other organic items and converts it into compost.

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Credit: Janine Charters 

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