What is returnable transit packaging?

Returnable transit packaging can take the form of pallets, crates, boxes, and any other multi-trip products that are manufactured from a durable material. 

An example of a great durable material would be plastic.

Returnable transit packaging is created with the intention of being used multiple times and is considered to be eco-friendly.

If we take a look at the financial benefits of using returnable transit packaging, individuals and companies end up saving money as returnable transit packaging has an extended lifecycle when compared to single-trip packaging. 

Besides the financial benefits, returnable transit packaging has a wide range of benefits including environmental benefits and we’d like to discuss a few more with you in this blog!

Lower Unit Costs

When we take a look at the financial aspect of using returnable transit packaging, it provides users with long-term cost-saving benefits. However, the initial upfront cost of buying returnable packaging is higher but the long-term saving is extremely beneficial.

Compared to single-trip packaging, returnable transit packaging has a far longer lifespan and the cost per trip declines significantly. 


Disposal Costs

Single-trip packaging typically has a disposal cost once it has completed its journey.

Returnable transit packaging, however, eliminates the need for the disposal of packaging as well as the costs included in doing so. 

Instead, returnable transit packaging can simply be collapsed and sent back to wherever it needs to go next!

Return Savings

One criticism of returnable packaging focuses specifically on the molded containers that tend to be considered inefficient as they are unable to fold flat or nest which takes up space within the vehicle that it is being transported in. 

This can result in an uneconomical trip. However, there is a solution to this.

Collapsible / foldable transit packaging can be used instead as it can easily be folded down and sent around without the issue of taking up unnecessary space!


Every factor mentioned above is mutually beneficial to businesses and consumers.

In fact, switching to returnable transit packaging has incredible long-term benefits with regard to financial benefits as well as environmental benefits. One of the key reasons why businesses are switching over to returnable transit packing is due to how eco-friendly it is and the fact that it plays a positive role in society without damaging the environment while still providing users with an excellent means of transporting goods!

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