What Makes Mpact Plastic Containers Berry Tray Unique?

When you think about blueberries, what’s the first thought that comes to mind? Maybe it’s not how the blueberries are grown, packaged or transported.

However, these are important factors that must be considered. Without careful growing, picking, packaging and transport, these precious blueberries might not make it to retail shelves.

Compared to other fresh produce industries, the South African berry industry is small due to the crops weight. However, this shouldn't be the deciding factor.

Did you know that approximately 16,000 tons of berries are exported each year, mainly blueberries?

The berry industry is therefore a vibrant and rapidly developing industry that is both profitable and sustainable.

In 2020, 76% of blueberry exports were shipped by sea and the balance were shipped to international markets using airfreight. This changed from a split of 57% by sea and 43% by air 2021.

Because of advancements in varieties and production methods, the shelf life of these delicate crops has increased, making packaging an increasingly important consideration.

Cooling properties along with longevity of the packaging plays a critical role in bringing the best quality berries to the market.

With 16 000 tons of blueberries being exported annually, Mpact Plastic Containers designed, and manufactures a Berry Tray, carrying up to 4 kgs of berries. It’s no surprise that the Mpact Berry Tray is best-in-class for its stacking and ventilation properties.


What makes Mpact Plastic Containers Berry Tray Unique?

With our environmental impact at heart, we designed the crate to be as efficient as possible across the supply chain, durability is crucial, and waste elimination is essential.

Studies were conducted around the environmental impact and cooling rates for the crate in order to ensure a design that not only serves the purpose but is also a sustainable solution for bulk exports.



The crate is designed to minimize impact on the berries.

The design also incorporates the latest technology for product preservation. The rounded insides prevent damage to delicate crop and the structural supports carry the content weight, allowing for easy, efficient decanting.


Technical specifications of the Berry Crate:

Weight of Crate (empty)

±200 g

External Dimensions (mm)

500 x 300 x 63.5 (H)

Target Nett Weight (Blue Berries)

3,5 kg –4 kg (depends on cultivar & size)

Crates per Pallet (1,2 m x 1 m) –Transport in SA

320 (8 x crates per layer | 40 x layers high)

Crates per Pallet (1,2 m x 1 m) –Export via sea freight

288 (8 x crates per layer | 36 x layers high)

Pallets (1,2 m x 1 m) per 40FT Container

20 x Pallets


Last mile efficiencies and profitability are improved by packaging, the last step before a crop that has been nurtured for 12 months is given to a consumer to enjoy!


Great News: The crates are now supplied for the current berry season in Zimbabwe and moving south towards the Western Cape of South Africa.