Why Is Safe Meat Storage So Important?

The Importance Of Safe Meat Storage 

Aside from potential losses, food poisoning is the real issue when it comes to fresh produce that has been incorrectly stored, prepared, handled, or cooked. By prioritising the storing process, you can always ensure high-quality products. This may even be your business depending on the sector you operate in, which is why following the right procedures and having systems in place is essential across the entire supply chain. The golden rule of meat storage is that if you’re in doubt, it’s best to throw it out. 


 The Best Procedures For Meat Handling And Storage

When handling and storing meat, it’s essential that your business follows all health and safety guidelines and regulations as set out by the health authorities. Meat is considered a high-risk food due to its capacity to lead to food poisoning, so it is essential to store it at 5 °C or below. Create a system for checking and observing production dates on any food products, and when handling the item, ensure that clean, sterilised gloves are used at all times. The right container can make a world of difference, so investing in high-quality options is something that should be seriously considered. 


Safe Meat Storage Using MPC Meat Trays

MPC’s meat product range includes a wide variety of high-quality products manufactured for the meat industry. Rest assured that each product in the meat collection offers reliable protection against contamination and loss. The range of easy to stack and clean trays are available in small, medium and large sizes, and are manufactured from virgin food-grade plastic. MPC's meat trays are essential for organising bulk meat products effectively. These meat trays significantly reduce the risk of product damage during transport.


MPC’s Meat Box And Other Products To Facilitate Safe Meat Storage

The MPC team is proud to offer a wide range of meat storage options to local businesses including  MPC's freezer trays which are manufactured using HACCP compliant materials . Additional products that can benefit your supply chain include the large meat box, which comes with a built-in drainage system and is perfect for heavy-duty use. The Haverhill with Lid is ideal for meat storage or display fridges and helps to increase shelf life when products get closer to their expiry dates.

Whether you’re freezing, storing or transporting your meat, these products will ensure that it reaches the end-user safely and in the best possible condition, giving you peace of mind to focus on keeping the rest of the supply chain running smoothly.


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