The Many Benefits of Reusable Plastic Crates

benefits of reusable plastic crates

The Many Benefits of Reusable Plastic Crates - What You Should Know

Plastic crates come in multiple shapes and sizes, and serve operational purposes across offices, in industry and in consumer homes around the country. In a sense, these crates provide an endless supply of opportunities with regards to the effectiveness of day-to-day operations for a business or for at-home use. But why should we be considering reusable plastic crates, and not other types? As this article suggests, there are many benefits of going with this type rather than with some of its other counterparts in the market. Making the decision to go with a reusable choice now may have a long lasting impact on the legacy left by your business (or by yourself as an individual) in the years to come. 

Transport and Storage

Whether you’re operating a large-scale MNC, or just trying to get some of your crafts from home to the fair, reusable plastic crates are great across both the transport and storage phases. These crates typically have ventilated sides, which can be useful if your business operates in the fresh produce market, and equipped with smooth inner walls, any produce or products you’re transporting or storing will suffer minimal damage. That leads to less sunk costs, and showcases the versatility of these types of crates irrespective of the use. 

Easy To Handle In The Supply Chain

On a larger scale, reusable plastic crates are relatively easy to handle, especially within a larger supply chain of a business. These crates are designed for easy lifting and take into account the fact that they need to be able to be handled with comfort and adequate grip. Other types of crates may be more difficult to navigate, and may even be unfriendly to conventional forklifts. With reusable plastic crates, your business does not have to worry about this. 

Low Total Cost of Ownership

Reusable plastic crates are sturdy and secure, easy to keep clean (a major plus in our books!) and 100% recyclable at the end of their lifecycle, making them a relatively low cost item in the broader bottom line of any business. With more use over time, the logistical costs spared will pay them off, making them the perfect long-term items to keep as part of your business inventory. Wooden alternatives, for example, have to be treated during use and replaced in the medium to short term, which is not always ideal from a cash flow perspective. Treatment costs add up quickly and wooden crates often have nails and splinters which may lead to injury.

Environmental Impact

It’s impossible to mention reusable plastic crates and not touch on the environmental impact of using these in your supply chain or at home. By choosing a recyclable option, similar to what companies like Mpact do when they produce these kinds of crates, you’re making a smart sustainability decision for yourself, your business and the future of the world. It has never been a more important time to start prioritising this across all levels of life. When your business is still in operation fifty years from now, and the younger generation looks at it with pride rather than disgust in accordance with the decisions made now, it will have been 100% worth it.