The Best Plastic Shopping Baskets in South Africa

plastic shopping baskets

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Shopping baskets are used every single day all over the country (and the rest of the world), and have been around for as long as supermarket chains and smaller food suppliers have been around. Some businesses require conventional looking shopping baskets for their customers, while others may be looking for alternative options like crates, which can serve multiple purposes. Whether your business needs shopping carts for the operation phase or the consumer facing phase of making a sale, knowing where to look to buy the best plastic shopping baskets can help to make the process of finding a supplier a seamless experience. First, let’s address when these baskets actually came into existence, before looking at some of the specs you should be considering before making a buying decision. 

The Creation of Shopping Baskets and Trolleys

Shopping trolleys and baskets have been around for almost 100 years, with the first shopping cart dating back to June 4th of 1937. It was on this historic day that Sylvan Goldman brought it into his “Humpty Dumpty” supermarket chains overseas, which resulted in consumers buying more, as they now had the means to carry more items with them while they were perusing the aisles of his stores. Since then, baskets and trolleys have made their way into stores all over the world in various formats, including locally in South Africa, where they are now a common hand-held item for anyone on their weekly shop. 

Technical Considerations To Consider

If you’re on the hunt for plastic shopping baskets for your store or chain, there are some technical specifications you should keep in mind when it comes to the basket itself. Engineered and refined over decades, some standard specs should not be skimped on, especially if you don’t want to keep replacing the items in short succession. Consider baskets with high-pressure injection moulding and made with fully recyclable polypropylene. A typical basket shouldn’t weigh more than a kilogram and should be able to take a load of up to 15kg. If your supplier can create them in a colour that matches your brand, even better. 

Sustainability is Key

We touched briefly on an important point of buying from a supplier that offers fully recyclable polypropylene baskets, and it’s worth expanding on this a little more. In 2020, it’s never been more crucial to work sustainability into your operations and customer interactions, and if you can use as little plastic as possible in this process, the better. Plastic shopping baskets have been bred into society over the years, and consumers are used to using these with ease when they enter any store. As a business, the responsibility of using recyclable and reusable plastics lies with you, and is a simple way to improve the green rating of your business without disrupting consumer activity. 

The Best Plastic Shopping Baskets in South Africa

Having said that, not all suppliers are hell bent on providing recyclable plastic products, especially when it comes to an essential like shopping baskets. Mpact prioritises offering sustainability friendly options, which is why they are one of the trusted suppliers of plastic shopping baskets in South Africa. Their range is made to spec relative to what is crucial in the prolonged use and durability of the shopping baskets, and the plastic used is fully recyclable. If you’re looking to place a bulk order soon, or are just on the hunt for an option to make the switch to a choice that is better for the future of the world, look no further.