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Boxing Clever


Boxing Clever - the value of thinking outside the box

We spend a lot of time talking to our Clients and thinking about the products we design and manufacture. Being innovative is not something we do, it is who we are. Sometimes, to come up with a new innovation, you just need to think outside the box and ask the right questions.

When we looked at how we can improve upon our extensive range of nesting containers we simply did a little math.

We considered; what can we multiply, add, divide or subtract to change this product?



The super-tough durable containers come with tamper-proof lids that support a wide range of security seals which discourages tampering. Our Clients understand that these receptacles are not simply strong-boxes, but containers that hold value beyond financial worth or shrinkage protection.


The bag of imported nuts embody the value of a grand-daughter’s love for her Grandmother. A container holding batteries represents the value of adventure to the father and son wanting to power up their torches for a night- time hike. Collectively all of these values make up the valuables that are protected by attached lid containers.

Operationally, the flat based attached lid containers facilitate the efficient flow of work, since it can be despatched on any conveyor system. The 5 different sized containers, that the range comes in, nest comfortably into each other, and can be used repeatedly.


The lid keeps dust out.
The attached lid means it is easy to handle. It does not need to be put down when loading and unloading. Most importantly it never gets lost!



This re-use of packaging is known as Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP) and is a move away from outdated single-trip disposable packaging, which is non-sustainable.

To really appreciate the value of attached lid containers, and the Returnable Transit Packaging solution, you have to redefine how you view packaging. These containers are not consumables. They are assets. Much more than simply a means of packaging, attached lid containers have a verifiable return on investment.

Mpact attached lid containers. We think outside the box, so you can keep your promises. . . and your goods.


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