Jumbo Bins

Our Jumbo bin is a more reliable, sustainable and profitable plastic alternative to the wooden bin traditionally used in the agricultural industry, and is considered by many to be the best quality bulk bin in the world, available at the lowest possible cost.

It was introduced in North America and Australia 20 years ago and has been in great demand ever since, particularly in the fruit industries of those regions, where it has become virtually the only bin used.


Features & Benefits

  • Smooth interior surfaces reduce waste and downgrades
  • Superior inbuilt ventilation reduces cooling time and saves energy
  • Clean, non-porous surfaces
  • Eliminates HACCP problems associated with wood
  • Weighs 45% less than wooden bins P for quicker, safer handling and stacking
  • Positive interlocking foot design for quicker, safer handling and stacking
  • Can be stacked up to eight units high
  • Compatible with most bin handling equipment
  • One-piece moulding eliminates maintenance
  • Low cost