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Keep It Clean with Style

- Glasdon range -


Keep it clean with style

If there were an international pageant for beautiful waste bins, our Glasdon Range would be the bins to beat. Just like modern-day beauty contestants, who balance being gorgeous with exceptional intelligence, our Glasdon Range of waste bins are not only eye-catching but also very cleverly designed.



Sure, some may still rubbish the idea of investing in top-end waste receptacles, but research has shown that people are more inclined to use rubbish bins when they are well designed, aesthetically pleasing and practically located.


The Glasdon Range includes a wide variety of containers, each thoughtfully designed to look good while managing waste. Take the stately Glasdon Jubilee with its four apertures, robust door and concealed hinges; perfect for outdoor use. Jubilee’s have, for example, become a firm favourite of Event Organisers for managing waste at events such as music festivals, outdoor concerts and Christmas parades in downtown Virginia in the USA.


Glasdon’sJubilee recycling containers with their domed hood, which stops trash piling up on top, and slam-shut door with concealed knuckle hinges are not only strong and secure but also easy to open and empty, making them the ideal solution for Event Waste Management.



Another favourite in the Glasdon Range is our Nexus Range, designed for indoor use, featuring a sack retention system, pivoting lid and drip tray. The Nexus Range provides a number of options for businesses, office complexes and academic institutions that have lots of foot traffic but not very voluminous waste.



To pro-actively combat these threats, the Glasdon Range has ribbed wall surfaces to discourage graffiti, secure lock mechanisms to avoid tampering with contents, ergonomically designed apertures for ease of use and the ability to have various signs and decals attached to motivate and direct users regarding the use of the container.

Sleek, intelligent and designed with ergonomics in mind, the Glasdon Range does the dirty work beautifully.

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