The Management of Reusable Plastic Crates in Fresh Produce

reusable plastic crates in fresh produce

More About: The Management of Reusable Plastic Crates in Fresh Produce

If your business operates in the world of fresh produce supply, there are numerous considerations to be made in order to get this produce from the farm to consumer swiftly and seamlessly. The process will typically require a lot of machinery, labour and a collection of crates. These crates might be wood or made from other materials. If you’ve opted for a reusable plastic option, you already get some extra props from us for making a choice in the name of sustainable practices. Perhaps you’re thinking about making the switch, and wondering about the management of these crates. Today, we’ll touch on this, looking at how to go about buying and replacing these crates, cleanliness and more. 

The Best Uses of Reusable Plastic Crates

Reusable plastic crates are best used for transport and storage of fresh produce, and the reason these crates are so popular with businesses all over the world is because they allow the supplier to minimise sunk costs associated with damaged or ruined produce. Reusable plastic crates (when manufactured correctly) are strong and sturdy, easy to connect to the average forklift and hold well when stacked on top of each other. While there may be other areas where this type of plastic can be incorporated into the supply chain, when it comes to logistics, it will always be a big winner. 

Bulk Buying and Replacement Options

When thinking about bulk buying reusable plastic crates, it helps to keep a firm grip on the amount of crates you have, and to audit the shape that the crates are in. When manufactured correctly, plastic crates have a lifespan between 10 to 30 years. Even though plastic is known for being a tough compound, there may come a time when some crates are showing signs of wear and tear (but it will be a very long time before you need to worry about this). 

After plastic crates have reached their end of life, make sure that the crates can be taken back by the manufacturer to prevent plastic ending up in landfill sites. Responsible plastic manufacturers ensure that customers have the option to exchange or return their old crates to the supplier. Old crates can and will be given new life by responsible manufacturers.

Cleanliness and Fresh Produce

One of the biggest considerations to make when in the food supplying business, and especially when it comes to fresh produce, is cleanliness. Reusable plastic crates, unlike their wood or other counterparts, are not as easy to clean and maintain, especially if there is a spoilt crate of fruit or vegetables. Plastic crates are reusable in this sense too, allowing for thorough cleaning and ensuring that health standards are met time and time again. While this may not have much to do with the bottom line, you’ll be minimising sunk costs in the long run for sure. 

Finding The Right Supplier For Your Business

If you’re wondering about getting your hands on some reusable plastic crates, be it for the supply of fresh produce or for another part of the supply chain of your business, look no further than Mpact. With decades of experience, Mpact focus on supplying reusable plastics to companies around the country and world. They also work sustainable practices into their production line, which helps to reduce the impact on the environment. The next time you’re looking for new crates, get in touch with them to see what they have on offer.