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One-way Folding Boxes - It's got the whole package


One-way Folding Boxes 

It's got the whole package


Packaging serves both to persuade consumers to buy products and to protect products. Guided by these insights the manufacturers of packaging across industries create solutions that meet all or a combination of requirements ranging from being environmentally friendly to providing unique and specialised product protection, or having additional features such as attractive branding. All while total cost of ownership remains a key consideration.



Safeguarding produce is probably the most essential function of its packaging. Beyond protection, packaging also facilitates a very practical and essential element to the supply-chain. It provides;
• a means for simplified handling and control,
• the ability to more easily quantify and measure.

Rather than try deal with each item of produce individually, it is handled in a collective fashion such as number of items or standard weight per container.



In addition, this also allows the user to collect important data that can inform decisions regarding production and delivery.

Handling and transport are absolutely essential. Consider the agricultural supply chain for example. Products are first packed when harvested, before being transferred to pack houses and then distribution centres. From there produce is handled again when moving to retail outlets and finally from the retail store room to the shelf.



This intense handling therefore requires not only a robust packaging regime, but also containers that allow for good ventilation of the fresh produce, which are impervious to moisture and able to be safely and securely stacked.

Giving a nod to each of the essential elements, one-way folding boxes are an ideal solution to ensuring the freshness of produce.
The single packaging unit allows minimal handling as the product is transported, ripened and shelved in the same packaging.


One-way folding boxes, manufactured by MPACT, conform to the highest hygiene standards, are non-moisture retentive and easily recyclable. In addition, one-way folding boxes are able to collapse into a neat, space saving form for easy transport and effective storage.



For packaging that ensures freshness, minimizes bruising, is recyclable, and food-grade approved, Mpact’s one-way folding containers ticks all the boxes.


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