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Poultry And Motion


Poultry in Motion - why it’s good for business to also consider how the chicken crossed the road.

It is estimated that more than a billion live chickens are transported on roads in South Africa every year. In fact, more poultry products are consumed by South Africans every year than all other animal-protein sources combined (SAPA Industry Profile, p.12). That answers the question why the chicken crossed the road, but another question is equally interesting and really should also be asked; how did the chicken cross the road?

These members of the genus Gallus gallus domesticus are put in cages and will; endure being handled and loaded, face unfamiliar environments, be subjected to changes in the weather, suffer exposure to pollutants and social disruption as they are transported by truck. But this trip needn’t ruffle the chickens’ feathers. MPACT has designed a Chicken Coop that is made up of a single moulded unit with the absolute minimum moving parts; a base, lid and gate. This ensures that the birds are protected from being snagged by loose or broken parts, as is often the case with metal or wooden cages held together by rivets.

The coops are easy to wash and clean and do not absorb water or micro-organisms, as is often the case with wood or carton containers.

MPACT’s Chicken Coops are more rigid than conventional containers and stack securely, ensuring that the poultry are transported safely, minimising the stress normally associated with this type of transport and ultimately improving the quality of the meat. The coop can accommodate 12 live birds, while the non-slip floor leaves the chickens more sure-footed so they don’t have to feel like they need to. . . well, tread on eggshells around each other.


MPACT Chicken Coops conform to the standards of the Code of Practice of the South African Poultry Association and through its revolutionary Returnable Transport Packaging (RTP) system, MPACT has developed an array of multi-trip, re-usable containers that constitute the largest range of RTP systems in South Africa, which significantly reduces environmental impact and even making it possible to 'recoop' costs.

The Group has an admirable track record when it comes to producing high-quality and well-priced packaging across a variety of industries and is able to assist Poultry Producers in their continuous drive to keep costs as low as possible and to look at more efficient and cost-effective ways of transporting live birds.

Though the Jury may still be out for some as to whythe chicken actually crossed the road, the answer as to how it should cross the road seems clear... in a Mpact Chicken Coop.


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