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Putting your best foot forward


Putting your best foot forward.


SportCourt is the internationally recognised leader in the manufacture and installation of performance flooring systems for sport, counting amongst its partners and clients organisations such as the NBA, the Olympic Games and the international federations for volleyball, tennis, soccer and many others. Due to a surge of demand in South Africa for Sport Court playing surfaces, it was crucial for the company to find a local partner to manufacture its patented product.


Mpact was chosen as the manufacturer of choice for their overall high standards in production and astute quality assurance throughout the entire manufacturing process as well as their continual product testing and stringent quality control. Utilising its computerised injection moulding technology, Mpact is able to ensure a consistently high quality product that easily meets the rigorous standards of SportCourt and their exacting clients.



The SportCourt product consists of a multi-layer system comprising a Sport Court Performance Surface on top, supported by the patented SportBase High-Performance Support Base which in turn is set on a flat sub-base resting on the suitably prepared subsurface. The system, which is wholly dependent upon the SportBase base-layer has the following benefits:



The energy saved by installing an average sized SportCourt surface is roughly equal to the amount of electricity used by a typical home in the United States in a year while the average installation reduces more carbon than the elimination of almost 10 000 km’s of car driving.



Ease of Installation

A full court using SportBase tiles can be installed in a matter of hours. There is no additional time required for mixing, curing or drying as may be required with other surface solutions.



Through its partnership with SportCourt, and the manufacture of SportBase, Mpact is not only ensuring the production of an innovative and multi-patented, eco-friendly product, the company is also providing an opportunity for meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities and initiatives.


Focused mostly on building partnerships between businesses and schools, the SportBase CSR Projects centre on environmental awareness, waste collection and recycling. Through partnerships between government, businesses and schools waste collection and recycling drives are undertaken to collect the materials that will be used in the manufacture of the SportBase product.

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