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Shelf Preservation with Drying Trays


Shelf Preservation with Drying Trays


The degeneration of food is largely dependent upon the presence of moisture and the measure to which it supports microbial growth and degradation. When water is removed from foodstuffs the risk of its spoiling is greatly reduced.

Decreased water content in fresh produce decelerates the process of respiration as well as enzymatic action and the overall rate of deterioration of fruit, making these products much less susceptible to decay while also being easier and less expensive to transport and store.



The disadvantage of this form of drying is however that you have very little control over the drying conditions and by extension the quality of the end product.


Semi-moist fruits, like grapes, contain naturally high levels of sugar which means that they can be preserved with higher levels of moisture content (up to 25%)than other dried fruits, and can be consumed as they are without any additional rehydration. To compensate for their lower levels of sugar other fruit are soaked in a sugar solution prior to drying, thus increasing their sweetness, and are known as osmotically dried fruits.

Essential to ensuring the even and controllable drying of foodstuffs, irrespective of method employed, is the use of standardised containers, appropriate to both the method of drying and desired end-product.

Containers that are made to handle foodstuffs need to be manufactured of materials that are corrosion resistant, do not pass on colours, odours or tastes to food and are smooth and non-absorbent. Structurally these containers need to be free from breaks, cracks, open seams, chips, imperfections and must be easy to clean and sanitise.


Mpact drying trays are constructed from food grade materials that are compliant to HACCP and all relevant Food Safety Regulations.

The trays provide excellent ventilation, through a specially designed grid pattern that not only prevents the accumulation of moisture and any chemicals used in the drying process, but also ensures quicker drying and production of greater quality dried fruit.

Manufactured from robust polypropylene, and designed as single-piece units with no loose parts, these trays are adaptable to different sized fruit with dual heights. The solid plastic construction provides greater safety when handling with no splinters or nails.

Lightweight and easy to handle, the smooth nonporous interior surface of the Mpact drying tray minimises the risk of bacteria and pathogens while totally eliminating wood-stain on fruit due to rust from nails, moving quality from the tree to the table.

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