Understanding Stackable Pallets: How Do They Stack Up?

Understanding Stackable Pallets: How Do They Stack Up?

There are many different pallet types out there, and if your business uses plastic pallets, you may have tried (or thought about trying) one of the different types to see how it could affect the efficiency of transport operations as a whole. Stackable pallets are a popular type that are used by businesses across numerous industries, and perhaps you’ve been wondering about making the switch. In this article, we’ll touch on stackable pallets, and discuss how they “stack up” relative to the competition out there. 

What Are Stackable Pallets?

Simply put, stackable pallets are secure, sturdy types that unlike their nestable counterparts, do not nest inside one another. This means that they tend to take up a bit more space, but as a result of their bottom support, they tend to be more durable and secure than other types. Stackable pallets can be stacked on top of each other. They also have runners on their picture frame bottoms and are generally used for supply chains that need easy maneuvering, as you would commonly find in processing facilities in almost any factory. 

Overall Efficiency of These Pallets

So how do these pallets “stack up” exactly? As a result of how boxes are stacked on them, they are designed for maintaining stability. These pallets may take up more space than other plastic types, but in terms of the amount of storage space offered on the pallet, and the peace of mind offered by the sturdy base, it’s hard to consider another option if you’re transporting products that are prone to damage or breakage. 

Stackable Pallets: Things To Keep In Mind

That's not to say that accidents won’t happen (naturally, they do), and an incorrectly stacked pallet can result in devastating sunk costs, or worse, injury. It’s important to always build from the ground up, with heaviest packages being left for the base of the overall structure. Boxes should be stacked as close to the edge of the pallet as possible, but not over. Avoid pyramid shapes, sticking to cubic for the best results. Be wary of stacking goods too high, which can lead to unforeseen accidents. When using stacking pallets, strapping is just as important as how the packages are stacked, and remember to stick to weight recommendations so the forklift doesn’t struggle with moving the structures from A to B. 

Skimp Now, Pay Later

You can follow as many guidelines as possible, but if you’re skimping on pallet quality, none of these tips will be able to hold off on long-term problems. Stackable pallets are a versatile choice that allow businesses of many shapes and sizes to store and transport their products simply and efficiently. The key is to buy them from a reputable supplier that can offer you the best quality on the market. Mpact has been around for decades, providing plastic products that cater to businesses and industries all over the country. Their team will be able to give you all the advice you need whether you’re looking to make a shift to a different pallet type, are looking for a supplier who won’t let you down in the long run, or if you just have a basic question about what might work best for your business, and what your options are.