What is a Nestable Pallet?

Lets Dive Into Nestable Pallets

Pallets are generally made from different materials, but as a whole, industrial supply chains tend to bank on different versions that are roughly the same shape and size. Plastic pallets offer variety in the form of various types of pallets to choose from, each of which have their own share of pros and cons relative to where they will be used in the production line. Nestable pallets are one such type, offering businesses specific benefits relative to some of its competitors on the market. Let’s delve a little deeper into this specific pallet type, finding out what sets them apart, and how they can be used to maximise production efficiency. 

What is a Nestable Pallet?

Nestable pallets are essentially pallets that can nest inside one another. This makes them unique in comparison to stackable pallets. They are also lightweight which means that they generally cost less than other types of pallets.

Digging Deeper Into This Plastic Pallet Type

Nestable plastic pallets are not only useful when it comes to efficiency. They are also known for being lightweight and low height, meaning they are a cost effective offering that are able to reduce freight costs by total volume. When nesting while in storage, they also take up less space than some other plastic pallets do. When it comes to actual transport, these pallets allow easy forklift entry, and can handle reasonable capacities similar to other pallet types. They are also known for being a sanitary choice, considering they are easy to clean and maintain, which can be useful when transporting items that have to adhere to strict health and safety regulations (like foodstuff and other consumables). 

Finding The Perfect Pallet

Few large businesses have the opportunity to try out different pallet types once they’ve established themselves and have a consistent production line that should face as little interruptions as possible. If your business is still growing and expanding, with a limited amount of pallets and the opportunity to experiment with the right fit, it’s important to give alternatives (like nestable pallets) a chance. The right pallet type can help you avoid sunk costs, can be relied on to safely get stock from A to B, and may even save you some money in the long run, especially if you make sure you’re buying something sturdy and dependable. 

Get Technical, Get Results

When it comes to finding high quality nestable pallets, it helps to consider the technical specs to determine whether you’re buying a product that will not only do the job, but be able to last over an extended period of time too. Mpact’s nestable pallet is a perfect example of a pallet that offers a steady structural foundation for handling and storing purposes. Made from high-pressure injection moulding, with fully recyclable impact modified polypropylene, this pallet can handle a static load of up to two tons and a dynamic load of up to 1000kg. The pallet itself weighs only 8kg and can be bought in green (virgin material) or black (recycled material), and is already a popular companion to businesses all over South Africa and beyond the border.