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Worm Farms, a Solution to Urban Pollution

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Worm Farms, a solution to urban pollution


An inevitable by-product of modern urban living is the generation of large volumes of solid waste. A substantial portion of this waste is non-toxic and organic in nature but standard methods for its treatment and disposal are often cost prohibitive. Similarly, even in rural areas, the agricultural industry faces a challenge to develop strategies for sustainability that can conserve non-renewable natural resources such as soil and enhance the use of renewable resources such as organic wastes.


With a multi-team approach, Mpact brings fully integrated solutions to waste management challenges and are recognised as a leader in the field of waste container development.

One solution that has proven very effective for converting organic waste materials is Vermicomposting; the natural conversion of bio-degradable garbage into high quality compost with the help of earthworms.



These worms are natural bioreactors that harness energy and destroy soil pathogens through a natural breakdown process of organic residues, the end product of which is Vermicompost or Castings, which is generally produced in so-called Worm Farms.


Mpact has developed a worm farm that is constructed of three vertically stacked bins that can be used to organically recycle household food and kitchen waste into nutrient-rich organic fertilizer and natural insect repellent. In this method, as the first working tray becomes full, the worms migrate to the empty tray above and will begin feeding in the new tray. Of the three stacked bins, the top two bins allow the vermicompost to form, while the bottom bin collects the liquid worm tea.

The main benefits of a stacked bin system, such as the one developed by Mpact, is that they optimise space, even in cramped areas, by adding a vertical dimension to vermicomposting. In addition, the system is odour free and extremely cost-effective, while being scalable to suit the breaking down of larger volumes of organic waste.



Mpact Worm Farms provide not only a simple and cost effective solution to recycling household food and kitchen waste, it also provides an opportunity for income generation since the sale of worms, worm tea and castings are able to fetch a good return either for Home Owners, Nurseries and Distributors or Retailers. Households reducing their generation of solid waste will significantly reduce their carbon footprint by eliminating the need to transport this waste to landfill, and by converting their organic waste into compost.


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