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Jumbo Bin South Africa

JUMBO BIN®1210 (JB1210V)


  • CODE: JB1210V
  • Moulding: High-pressure injection moulding
  • Material: Fully recyclable, UV-stabilised, impact modified polypropylene
  • Container Construction: Double walled corner and centre posts. Two label holders and two handholds for lifting.
  • Foot design: Positive interlocking with two feet.
  • Forklift entry: 108mm opening with patented slide entry.
  • Four-way entry with 90 mm opening on the runner side for pallet jack use.
  • Runner can be on the long or short side.
  • Ventilation slots: air vents with 8mm opening.


  • 4700kg on level ground in cold storage
  • 3800kg on level ground in temperatures less than 35 degrees C, for less than one month.
  • 3400kg on level ground at temperatures less than 30 degrees C, for more than one month.


  • Overall external size: 1200mm x 1000mm
  • Height: 770mm
  • Depth: 631mm
  • Internal size:
  • Maximum: 1192mm x 992 mm (at externalised panels) Minimum: 1131 mm x 930 mm (at top rim)
  • Capacity: 677 litres
  • Weight: 31 kg vended
  • Stack: 8 high