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Features and Benefits:

  • Useful for meat, baked goods, poultry or agricultural produce.

  • Excellent stacking features optimize floor space and contribute to a safer and tidier working environment.

  • Solid base and sides.

  • Made from virgin food-grade material.

  • Easy to clean and hygienic.

  • HACCP compliant material.

  • Optimizes pallet use and storage space.

  • Reduces product damage in transport.

  • Impact resistant.

  • Suitable for use on roller conveyer systems and flow racks.

  • Compatible with European size pallets.

Technical Specifications

  • CODE: MT64209
  • Moulding: High pressure injection moulding
  • Material: Fully recyclable, impact modified polypropylene
  • Exterior top: 648mm x 384mm x 209mm
  • Interior base: 590mm x 340mm x 200mm
  • Max Load on Base: 162kg
  • Carrying Load: 20kg
  • Load: 180kg per rack / 30 units high
  • Weight: 2kg
  • Capacity: 37 litres
  • Stack: 5 units high / 190mm