Euro Jumbo Bin®

Euro Jumbo Bin®
Euro Jumbo Bin®
Euro Jumbo Bin®

Euro Jumbo Bin®


Available in HDPE Green and PP Beige

Features and Benefits

  • Rounded corners and smoother interior surfaces results in less bruising and damage to your produce. 
  • Vented Bin: multiple vents in sides and base provide superior air flow so products cool faster adding valuable shelf-life to your produce.
  • Smooth, non-absorbent surface is not affected by dipping operations.
  • The design is compatible with most bin handling equipment.
  • Unique moulded label holders for cards and tags. Small, exterior pads reduce scratches.
    Easy, clear ownership identification with hot foil stamping or moulded logo or bar coding or RF tagging.
  • The positive interlocking foot design permits fast and safe stacking.


Technical Specifications

  • Materials: HDPE/ PP
  • External Size: 1 200 mm x 1 000 mm x 780 mm
  • Internal Size: 1 192 mm x 992 mm
    (at externalised panels)
    Minimum: 1 131 mm x 930 mm (at top rim)
    Depth: 631 mm
  • Stacking Height: 757 mm
  • Load Capacity: 500 kg
  • Volume: 666 Litres
  • Weight:
    Solid Bin /Long Runners: 38 kg
    Solid Bin /Short Runners: 37.7 kg
    Vented Bin /Long Runners: 36.6 kg
    Vented Bin /Short Runners: 36.3 kg
  • Variation Base:
    6 mm vented walls and base.
  • Variation feet:
    Stringers (long or short sides).
  •  Foot design:
    Positive interlocking with two feet.



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